Success is her priority

  She can see success. Success is that key word that she wishes. She can build that power through her intellect. She can open more about the meaning of success in her. She won't have that successful life ruin her. She can be a strong-powered individual who can build up her lifestyle to the next… Continue reading Success is her priority

Our lifespan is in control

We can learn to moderate our actions throughout everything that we can do. Discovering a way to confine is every aspect of ourselves. We can be in complete control over matters. We simply had to take it for granted.  In that respect are things that’s happening during our lifetime. As we plan to see our… Continue reading Our lifespan is in control

This Is Her Diary 

It is a visual diary of her life. Her diary is not enlightenment. Her diary takes that power of life against her daily lifespan. A diary brings her soul to a standard power. She can write in her diary like there's no tomorrow. Like getting a story to life. She pens her own personal stories… Continue reading This Is Her Diary 

My Writing Circle

[This is my own variation of "A Writer's Circle".] A writer's circle is more like brainstorming for ideas. I determine my own strategy and plans to write something. It requires some time and knowledge to find my writing circle. It's a plan so it can help me compose. These are things that can help me… Continue reading My Writing Circle

Rainy Days

Rainy days  Are a time to relax  Indoors. Notice a  Younger feeling of a peaceful  Day.  At the spot of a wet  Year,  Staying indoors could be fun. Rain delivers  A picture of wetness.  Inside you  Notice how delightful a rain can be.  You see there's no  Darkness.  At the point of rain  You  See… Continue reading Rainy Days

Positive Thinking 

   Positive thinking  Opens up to its potential sale. It's  Incredible and  Truth of strong and hefty. Inside a  Victory of  Encourage and  Taking  Hope  Inside a world of a different  Notice. Keeping thoughts on the  Inside, and  Nice for something to  Grow on.    Positive is a point  Of thoughts. Setting it aside beyond… Continue reading Positive Thinking 

Lost At Sea

Lost in an  Open sea.  Seeing nothing but  The sky  And water.  Taking a position through a blank  Stage.  Enter at  A rising moment. Lost beyond power  Out of a  Simple minded sea.  Taking a fight of  A paddle  Through state. The  Sea  Exit to  A Loveable view. Landing to an  Open state.  Setting for… Continue reading Lost At Sea