Speechless Review 

Speechless is one of my favorite TV shows that have aired in the fall of 2016. This show is unique and show each characters personality. It's a genuine inspiration for parents, family members, and caregivers of a person with a disability. The show is one of the top ranks of fall's new TV shows. It's… Continue reading Speechless Review 


My Favorite Childhood TV Show: Rugrats 

I love watching Rugrats on TV as a child. It's amazing about the world in each of the toddler's point of perspective and their adventures. The show was on for thirteen years, started in 1991 and ended in 2004 with two sequels, three feature films, a series of books, games, toys, and tons of other… Continue reading My Favorite Childhood TV Show: Rugrats 

Letter to a Fictional Character: Recovery Road

[This is a letter that I penned for a fictional character. I composed it in my journal way back. This quality is a main character from a TV show "Recovery Road". It's based off a book.] Dear Maddie,          You're in the middle of your recuperation. You're doing great. You receive some… Continue reading Letter to a Fictional Character: Recovery Road

Ancestor of a Huntress 

[I wrote about a character from a TV appearance. I didn't even mention names. I can only write what's on my mind. I'll try to do some more later on.] In the past centuries she was the first huntress of the family after marriage and accepting her husband's last name. Later on, her ancestors will… Continue reading Ancestor of a Huntress 

Review of my Favorite Childhood TV Show: As Told by Ginger

I loved to watched "As Told by Ginger" when I was young. The show reflects on actual life. The characters had to change clothes. It's like no other animated show, particularly when most of them have to stay in one outfit. The show is generally about a teen character named Ginger Foutley in her point… Continue reading Review of my Favorite Childhood TV Show: As Told by Ginger

My Favorite Disney Princesses 

   In most of my life I'd enjoy seeing Disney Princesses in movies, books, music, and on TV. I truly admire them all. I too wish that I'd wanted to be like a Disney Princess. I set down ten of my favorite Disney Princesses. Here are ten of them: 1. Mulan     Mulan is my… Continue reading My Favorite Disney Princesses 

Characters With Autism

I put down ten characters from films and tv shows living with autism. These characters lived a normal life like everybody else. They each unique about themselves. They challenged their lives in a more beneficial way. These are the qualities that I'd picked: 1. Molly McKay "Molly"    Molly is a 28-year-old adult female living… Continue reading Characters With Autism