Attaining the Life Through Journaling

Journaling has always been a part of my life. I can write exactly about anything. Anything that’s comes out of my mind. Allowing my mind to flow by into writing things out. Writing things out can be pretty amazing at some point of life. Through it all journaling has the tendency to cope with your… Continue reading Attaining the Life Through Journaling


A Journal Can Be Like A Friend

When you journal, it’s felt like you’re writing a letter to that special friend. That friend shall understand you in whatsoever manner. More like keeping secrets from each other only you’re doing it by writing things down. A journal is that true friend that can understand your problems. Experiencing that moment to be open and… Continue reading A Journal Can Be Like A Friend

Art of Writing 

Blog Flashback: Originally posted on April 27, 2016.

My Joyous Feature

The artistry of writing is like using artwork. Writing puts creativity into words. A sentence is like a horizon. When you appear at an artwork you look through writing. When you know about an artwork you have known that writing by understanding it.

A writing pen is like a paintbrush. When you pick up a pen is like picking up a paintbrush. You determine a place to write just like doing artwork. You determine that area so you can start. It’s like placing a place up to do artwork.

When you think about what you’re working to write about its like thinking about what you going to paint or draw about. When you begin to write it like starting an artwork. When you invest an effort into writing is like putting an effort on the art. When you have completed your writing is like finishing an artwork. When you record…

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Christmas In My Own Words 

Blog Flashback. Originally posted on December 6, 2016.

My Joyous Feature

Christmas truly is the best time of the year. It’s a time for peace and joy. A time for just about bonding and true gifts. It’s also to observe the birthday of Jesus. Christmas brings goodwill to that extra joy of bonding. Giving that peace everywhere on this exceptional holiday.

Christmas is not only just for presents it’s the time of gathering, peace and delight all around. Christmas feels so special and singular with the gorgeous colors of red and green, but sometimes silver and gold. Gathering with family and friends is a great thing to do on a holiday. It conveys that special moment all month long.

Christmas music has got that good moment in a holiday spirit. Relishing it and feeling that music go into that happy moment. It’s truly special about listening to Christmas music. Makes you want to rise into that holiday joy. I really enjoy…

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My Own Version On “The Night Before Christmas”

Blog Flashback. Originally posted on December 23,2016.

My Joyous Feature

As the night before Christmas

in all through the house

not a noise to hear with silence all about.

In that peaceful night

everyone is tucked in bed

ready for that tremendous day.

Children are ready to discover

what Santa Claus will give them.

They desired that the giftsare from their wish list.

They want to try their very best to be good this year

then they can impress Santa on their good behavior.

As Christmas Day will come up really soon

and everything was decorated so that day will come.

The family gathers from all around visiting for Christmas

it’s going to be the best Christmas so far.

There’s so many traditions that it gets to Christmas so amazing.

No matter what things going to happen

along this very special holiday,

it’s a great pleasure to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas.

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Why Do I Journal

Blog Flashback. Originally posted on May 23, 2016.

My Joyous Feature

I began to journal when I was a teenager. Journaling is the way to cope and record your thoughts away. Journaling is one of my favorite things to serve. It makes me feel more like a writer. I write every single thought out of my mind and onto paper. Writing in my journal is like writing a letter or talking to someone. My journal is like a friend, who has to be on my side. It’s a privacy that is only for my eyes alone.

I journal my feelings away.

Whenever I start out in a bad mood, feeling upset, or anything I journal about it. It can relieve all the negative views out and onto paper. Subsequently it can make me feel better. Without journaling, the sentiments will be in my head or I’d sometimes do something else.

I journal like I mean it.

I journal at least two…

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Poetic Mind

Poetry can bring on an open mind. Getting hold of these pure words into thoughts. Thoughts can cherish every poetry that can speak out loud into it’s real feelings. Feelings can cherish every poem into a complete sense. It’s like accepting that open mind into a different strength. In between that poetic scene, there’s a… Continue reading Poetic Mind