I Read 104 Books So Far This Year

This year my goals on reading books is to try to read around sixty books. So far I surpass the number of books that I am going to read this year. I've only read 104 books so far. It’s more than I’ve ever read in the previous years. I used Goodreads to track and rated… Continue reading I Read 104 Books So Far This Year


“Soul Bursts” Book Review

“My life is filled with infinite possibility, and I am the creator of limitless miracles.” - Jodi Chapman, Soul Bursts: Nuggets of Inspiration to Help You Live Your Best Life “We all have a soul — it’s who we are. It’s our core, our essence, our being our light, our life.” - Jodi Chapman, Soul… Continue reading “Soul Bursts” Book Review

“How to Be a Bawse” Review

The book: “How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life” is written by YouTube sensation, actress, and comedian Lilly Singh. Lilly first opens up a YouTube page under “iisuperwomanii”. She now has over hundreds of followers. The book is written in her own words. It’s like another version of #Girlboss. “Words lie; actions… Continue reading “How to Be a Bawse” Review

I bought a Kindle… but I’m still going to use my Nook E-Reader

I got a Kindle e-reader due to the fact that there’s some pretty good ebooks and magazines that’s not on my Nook e-reader. Besides, on Kindle, there’s Goodreads so I can track down the books I read and some recommendations. There’s some Kindle ebooks that I won from giveaways on Goodreads. Earlier I use the… Continue reading I bought a Kindle… but I’m still going to use my Nook E-Reader

My Inspirations

There’s plenty of inspiration. Inspiration comes from lots of things. To me, I take in inspiration as a pathfinder to help out. It’s kind of like a mentor. Most of my inspirations are for writing. There’s also other inspirations that I use for. For example: reading, meditation, mindfulness, and so on. “Writing can bring that… Continue reading My Inspirations

The Books I’m Looking Forward to Read

I’m putting down a list of books that I’m looking forward to read this year. There’s plenty of books that’s pretty interesting to read. I wanted to achieve the goal of reading lots of books this year and that’s include free ebooks and Audiobooks. I’d had a Goodreads account for a few years. I haven't… Continue reading The Books I’m Looking Forward to Read