Ideas Are Around Us

Ideas are all over. Delighted into a great deal of things. Encourage someone to just cherish these thoughts all around. All around us ideas comes from a unique form of life. See them as a guide to use these ideas as a brainstorm. Any ideas can be worked very differently. Reality shall put these ideas… Continue reading Ideas Are Around Us


Life Can Be Inspired

Life can be very inspiring at anyway. Inspiration shall bring life into full mode. Feeling like there’s that good moment beyond an inspiring lifestyle. Empowering the joy beyond that inspiring moment. Courage will shine that pure mind against some inspiration. An inspiration will carry some best moments of all. Needing a little bit of sparkle… Continue reading Life Can Be Inspired

A Common Thing On Memoir

Inside a memoir, there’s a story. A story that can feel like there’s some true moments. Letting that uplifting spirit rising through. It can channel that inspiration at its brightest moment. There can be a moment when a memoir can be tempted by so many people. Reading a memoir can bring out so many things.… Continue reading A Common Thing On Memoir

A Dancing Swan

[Inspired by the music from the “Black Swan” soundtrack] She’s a dancing swan. Dancing her way through different positions. Represents the sweetness, sorrow, good, bad, and everything else. It’s kind of like looking for those missing pieces of herself. The pieces can be more like a puzzle. Using her dancing techniques can put the pieces… Continue reading A Dancing Swan

Try Everything

[This is inspired by the song “Try Everything” by: Shakira. The song is from the movie Zootopia. It will also contain spoilers from the movie.] You just want to try everything. There’s things that you want to do no matter what. It can be something that others believe that you cannot do. Others believe that… Continue reading Try Everything

God is a Woman

[Inspired by the song by Ariana Grande. Written in my own words.] “You’ll believe God is a woman” - From the song “God is a Woman” She’s secure in a modest manner. Acquiring control of that guidance. Letting the universe through faith. Believing that the Lord will give her plenty of leadership. Her name is… Continue reading God is a Woman

“Soul Bursts” Book Review

“My life is filled with infinite possibility, and I am the creator of limitless miracles.” - Jodi Chapman, Soul Bursts: Nuggets of Inspiration to Help You Live Your Best Life “We all have a soul — it’s who we are. It’s our core, our essence, our being our light, our life.” - Jodi Chapman, Soul… Continue reading “Soul Bursts” Book Review