Something about a notebook

There’s a little something about a notebook. In some other way, it can bring big things to nourish these thoughts out. Bringing some ideas to the table. An individual shall use a notebook to write out so many things, including thoughts and ideas. Allowing so many things out all at once. There could be some… Continue reading Something about a notebook


Fifteen Ways to Use a Notebook

Notebooks are really respectable to use. It's the best for writing down so many affairs. A notebook can be in good use. Sometimes a person holds an empty notebook and don't know what to do with a empty notebook. I set down a list of ways to use a notebook. Some of them are actually… Continue reading Fifteen Ways to Use a Notebook

My Traveler’s Notebook 

  Last month I ordered a Traveler's notebook from Amazon. It's from a company called Sueroom. The cost of this Traveler's Notebook is $13.99. I also order some refillable paper for $9.00. There's some Traveler's Notebook that are at an affordable price. I actually love it because I can really use it for so many… Continue reading My Traveler’s Notebook 

A Recipe for Writing

Writing comes from many different facets of life. Writing builds more in many ways. Writing is more than simply freedom. There's a formula for writing. It's kind of like fixing to fix something and you're reading the recipe. The recipe for writing is a way of pulling together the things that you need in order… Continue reading A Recipe for Writing