God is a Woman

[Inspired by the song by Ariana Grande. Written in my own words.] “You’ll believe God is a woman” - From the song “God is a Woman” She’s secure in a modest manner. Acquiring control of that guidance. Letting the universe through faith. Believing that the Lord will give her plenty of leadership. Her name is… Continue reading God is a Woman


Something GLAMOROUS can shine out

A glamorous moment, shall lead up into that brightest of all. Experiencing it in that bittersweet way. The word “GLAMOROUS” can signify so many amazing things. A life that can be satisfied with a glamorous twist can bring so many things into that perfect lifestyle. In the meantime a glamorous feature can occupy a day… Continue reading Something GLAMOROUS can shine out

Amazing People: Aimee Copeland

Aimee Copeland is a grad student whose future has just been started. On the faithful day on May 2012 her life changed. A zip line fall leaves a cut on her calf and has to have stitches. Later on, after having to have stitches in her calf she noticed something wrong with her. It was… Continue reading Amazing People: Aimee Copeland

Through Loyalty of All

Loyalty takes a delighted moment into an encouraging spirit. Bringing it into a very unique level. That bonding words of life will bring a solid meaning to it. Bringing that loyal life into a standpoint. A person shall receive a loyal treatment. Feeling like they’re on top of something. Letting that personality shines out. A… Continue reading Through Loyalty of All

The Rise of Freedom

Freedom takes a free moment into a substantial victory. Being in the identical society. Life can be sated with a very unique freedom. An amazing moment with freedom in it shall put that joy of happiness into a whole new meaning. Feeling like that a person can be in-control of their actual selves. There’s a… Continue reading The Rise of Freedom

A Strong Mind

A strong mind shall balance something that’s more extreme than ever. Strangely enough, to feel every thought in a person’s mind. Thinking beyond these true feelings inside and out. Rising into that complete feeling. Opening up beyond those good moments. Noticing a little bit of hope in between. Gathering all the thoughts and form it… Continue reading A Strong Mind

Experiencing the power of feminism 

There's that power of feminism that can require control. Bringing it up into a humble act. Feminism shows that grateful and a loving care. Indicating that a woman can live through that strong moment in their own unique lives. A feminine touch is what all they can take.  A true feminine can live through that… Continue reading Experiencing the power of feminism