Poetry in Motion

Poetry shall carry along that true meaning of power. Open in that pure meaning. Encouragement shall carry on that poetic lifestyle. Taking that poetry in motion to the extreme. Recognizing that a poet’s mind shall flow into action. Young at life can truly consider. In a poet’s journey, something will get through. Nicely to understand… Continue reading Poetry in Motion


Attaining the Life Through Journaling

Journaling has always been a part of my life. I can write exactly about anything. Anything that’s comes out of my mind. Allowing my mind to flow by into writing things out. Writing things out can be pretty amazing at some point of life. Through it all journaling has the tendency to cope with your… Continue reading Attaining the Life Through Journaling

Her Flowing Mind

Her delicate mind has that flowing moment. That flowing moment can allow her thoughts leading up towards her. It’s like when she writes, she lets it all out. It's like a stream of consciousness! She can allow herself be more occupied on that certain level in that stream of consciousness. Throughout those true, meaningful about… Continue reading Her Flowing Mind

A Journal Can Be Like A Friend

When you journal, it’s felt like you’re writing a letter to that special friend. That friend shall understand you in whatsoever manner. More like keeping secrets from each other only you’re doing it by writing things down. A journal is that true friend that can understand your problems. Experiencing that moment to be open and… Continue reading A Journal Can Be Like A Friend

Journal Flip Through (Sept 1 – Oct 15) & Journal Setup

It’s been a while since I did a “Journal Flip Through” post. I’ll only go to do them if I feel like doing it. All of my journals are private and it’s only for “my eyes only”. I like to do a “Journal Flip Through” post for inspiration and other things. There’s plenty of videos… Continue reading Journal Flip Through (Sept 1 – Oct 15) & Journal Setup

I use Travelear App as an Inspiration to Write

IOS: Travelear: Listen to the World by Nicholas Culpin https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/travelear-listen-to-the-world/id1159408401?mt=8 This app is an audio recording of places around the world. Later on according to the replies under the comment section on iTunes App Store there will be more later on. I use this app as an inspiration to write something down. I also use… Continue reading I use Travelear App as an Inspiration to Write

My Inspirations

There’s plenty of inspiration. Inspiration comes from lots of things. To me, I take in inspiration as a pathfinder to help out. It’s kind of like a mentor. Most of my inspirations are for writing. There’s also other inspirations that I use for. For example: reading, meditation, mindfulness, and so on. “Writing can bring that… Continue reading My Inspirations