God is a Woman

[Inspired by the song by Ariana Grande. Written in my own words.] “You’ll believe God is a woman” - From the song “God is a Woman” She’s secure in a modest manner. Acquiring control of that guidance. Letting the universe through faith. Believing that the Lord will give her plenty of leadership. Her name is… Continue reading God is a Woman


A Carefree Life Can Overpower So Many Things

There’s a person who can live a carefree moment. Living it through those common lifestyles. Meeting that strong person that can endure beyond that true hearts. Experiencing it through a carefree spirit. It can truly feel like an open-minded spirit. Having that person set free beyond their carefree self. A pressure free moment can carry… Continue reading A Carefree Life Can Overpower So Many Things

Something About Disney Princesses

Every Disney Princesses has unique personalities. They’d have their own unique stories and settings. Feels like it can be related to real life, but in a fantasy twist. There’s something amazing about these Disney Princesses that nobody won’t stop talking about. It’s an inspiration from little girls to adults (like weddings, looks, and so on).… Continue reading Something About Disney Princesses

Idealist & Realistic Combined at it’s Point of View

There’s a journey into an utter life. A life that can bring leadership in. Something in that greater form can shine into that realistic moment. Finding that visionary world into a starting level. That point of life can take an idealist at its limits. Acquiring a strong language that can be related to that idealist… Continue reading Idealist & Realistic Combined at it’s Point of View

An Incompetence Feeling

Every point of incompetence can be more of a rise or something else. Feeling like there’s any human action that can flash around. Bringing something into that explanation. Sometimes there can be some tasks that can lead up to something more extreme. More life a fast-paced. Sometimes fast-paced won’t help things out. Things in common… Continue reading An Incompetence Feeling

“Soul Bursts” Book Review

“My life is filled with infinite possibility, and I am the creator of limitless miracles.” - Jodi Chapman, Soul Bursts: Nuggets of Inspiration to Help You Live Your Best Life “We all have a soul — it’s who we are. It’s our core, our essence, our being our light, our life.” - Jodi Chapman, Soul… Continue reading “Soul Bursts” Book Review