A Perfect Sapphire

A dab of blue makes a sapphire shine. Seeing that precious blue jewel, rise into a different version of a diamond. Making it into a more bittersweet level. Feeling like a perfect little kiss on the hand. A sapphire can be shown through some precious jewelry. Seeing it shine at the brightest. There’s that smile… Continue reading A Perfect Sapphire


How Scenes from “The Lion King” Reflects to Real Life?

[WARNING: SPOILER ALERT] I watched the movie “The Lion King” numerous of times. It’s a great movie that can bring some good old memories from your childhood. While watching “The Lion King” as an adult now I can find out so many scenes that can reflect on real life. Perhaps every scene from the movie… Continue reading How Scenes from “The Lion King” Reflects to Real Life?

Something GLAMOROUS can shine out

A glamorous moment, shall lead up into that brightest of all. Experiencing it in that bittersweet way. The word “GLAMOROUS” can signify so many amazing things. A life that can be satisfied with a glamorous twist can bring so many things into that perfect lifestyle. In the meantime a glamorous feature can occupy a day… Continue reading Something GLAMOROUS can shine out

Life takes over though abundance

An abundance of life shall take an advantage in the greatest moments of all. Finding that pure passion that shall overcome love. Something beyond that abundance shall lead up into a better empowerment. Leading up into the best opportunity to express it in a true manner. Abundance brings something against all odds. The midst of… Continue reading Life takes over though abundance

Unique Form of Pearls

Pearls are tiny white beads that bring a symbol to a vintage trend. It can likewise take a form into a work of a jewelry. Bringing the rarest of them all. Experiencing it through that truly figure of style. Feeling like there’s something amazing about pearls. There’s a different meaning for pearls. It means tears.… Continue reading Unique Form of Pearls

Style at Perfection

Stylish takes on a personal beauty. Contributing to that joy of confidence. Feeling a loving life in a styling moment. Bring a perfect figure to cherish a unique form of life. Like living beyond every open arms in a stylish manner. There’s no style of nature, if it weren’t from that spirit of joyousness. Find… Continue reading Style at Perfection

A Different Outrageous Life

Outrageous through a simplest moment to intensify into a cleaver figure. Taking that knowledge to infer it through that simple pleasure. It’s like a rousing moment came from. Knowing the exact point for an outrageous moment of all. Needing a pure detail to bring it all the way. An outrageous style will cherish the lead.… Continue reading A Different Outrageous Life