Journal Flip Through (Sept 1 – Oct 15) & Journal Setup

It’s been a while since I did a “Journal Flip Through” post. I’ll only go to do them if I feel like doing it. All of my journals are private and it’s only for “my eyes only”. I like to do a “Journal Flip Through” post for inspiration and other things. There’s plenty of videos… Continue reading Journal Flip Through (Sept 1 – Oct 15) & Journal Setup


That Heart of Mind

A perfect touch will melt through the heart. Having that perfect sense to cherish something. Something that can tag along with a pure essence. That pure heart can balance out a soul of life. Feeling like there’s that strong power to follow things through. Essence along with mind and soul can balance out that caring… Continue reading That Heart of Mind

Something Can Be More Wonderful

Life brings wonderful things all around. Cherishing those brightest moments in advance. A wonderful feeling can take it all the way. Sticking to it non-imitative. Feeling like there’s something more fun about wonderful things. Creativity can make for some wonderful things at all times. Designing things into a dreamy drift. Creating it as wonderful as… Continue reading Something Can Be More Wonderful

Life Through That Pure Rainbow

A rainbow can take a common life at its pure strength. Having that perfect feeling shine out. Something about a lovely rainbow bringing something to rise upwards. Rising up above the surface. Life from a rainbow can cherish through those treasured moments. “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” - Maya Angelou The quote… Continue reading Life Through That Pure Rainbow

Poetic Mind

Poetry can bring on an open mind. Getting hold of these pure words into thoughts. Thoughts can cherish every poetry that can speak out loud into it’s real feelings. Feelings can cherish every poem into a complete sense. It’s like accepting that open mind into a different strength. In between that poetic scene, there’s a… Continue reading Poetic Mind

A Dancing Swan

[Inspired by the music from the “Black Swan” soundtrack] She’s a dancing swan. Dancing her way through different positions. Represents the sweetness, sorrow, good, bad, and everything else. It’s kind of like looking for those missing pieces of herself. The pieces can be more like a puzzle. Using her dancing techniques can put the pieces… Continue reading A Dancing Swan

Our Strengths Are Very Different

There are strengths that can empower us in different ways. Our strengths are very dissimilar in so many direction. Cherishing our thoughts. Our thoughts count when it comes to strength. Challenging us on so many things. Things that empower the strengths within our everyday lives. An encouraging moment can carry our strengths all the way.… Continue reading Our Strengths Are Very Different