Beautiful Things

You look ahead to see some amazing beautiful things. These beautiful things has that special moment. You've see it as something special. It's special enough to enjoy it a lot. Beautiful things can be seen into a perfect point of view of life.


List of Things I Like to Watch on Netflix (June 2017)

I set down the list of ten things that I like to watch on Netflix. There's TV shows, documentaries, and movies. I'll put them down in no particular order. 1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 2. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 3. Orange is the New Black 4. Girlboss  5. One Day at a Time… Continue reading List of Things I Like to Watch on Netflix (June 2017)

When you……

When you read you understand every single word and detail from it. When you journal you journal your thoughts out onto a single page. When you meditate you meditate that mindful soul into its peaceful state. When you listen to music you listen to it in a most pleasant manner. When you write, you write… Continue reading When you……

Life Through Books

  [ Inspire on a "We Heart It" collection: ] When she read a book she gets lost to the world around her. Her mind focused on the book she reads. A book can be a part of her true figure and everything else. Reading a book can her true guidebook to a different… Continue reading Life Through Books

My Favorite Podcast to Listen on January 2016 – Mid. January 2017

  These are the list of my favorite podcast that I like to hear the most. I simply will put down the ones that I'll listen to from the beginning of January 2016 to the middle of January 2017. Later on I'll might put down more lists of podcasts. I listen to these podcasts in… Continue reading My Favorite Podcast to Listen on January 2016 – Mid. January 2017

List of Favorite Things on Thanksgiving 

I set down a list of my favorite things for Thanksgiving. The list has specials on TV, food, gathering, and other affairs. Then here are lists of my favorite things for Thanksgiving: [A reminder that I don't actually eat much meat so it won't be on the list.] 1. Give Thanks 2. Macy's Thanksgiving Day… Continue reading List of Favorite Things on Thanksgiving