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Movie Characters Living With Mental Illness 

I set down six characters who have mental illness in films. These characters don’t let their mental illness stop them from doing so many things. They get through their illness before, during, and afterwards. Here are the six characters living with mental illness: 1. Susanna Kaysen; Girl, Interrupted  Susanna was institutionalized after hurting herself. She… Continue reading Movie Characters Living With Mental Illness 

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Letter to Fictional Characters: The Fault in our Stars 

[I once again will write a missive to a fictional character. This time it will be three parts. I’m proceeding to write three letters from the book and movie “The Fault in our Stars”. The three roles are: Hazel, Augustus, and Issac.] Dear Hazel Grace,          You’ve found your path out of… Continue reading Letter to Fictional Characters: The Fault in our Stars 

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“He Named Me Malala” Review

I saw a documentary movie called “He Named Me Malala”. It’s about Malala’s fight to send females to school then they can get an education in her hometown. Also, more about her report, including her recovery when she was shot in the head at fourteen-years-old. Every school was destroyed in her hometown due to the… Continue reading “He Named Me Malala” Review

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Characters With Autism

I put down ten characters from films and tv shows living with autism. These characters lived a normal life like everybody else. They each unique about themselves. They challenged their lives in a more beneficial way. These are the qualities that I’d picked: 1. Molly McKay “Molly”    Molly is a 28-year-old adult female living… Continue reading Characters With Autism

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Favorite Characters Who Writes in a Diary, Journal, and Carried a Notebook 

1. Ginger Foutley (As Told by Ginger)    Ginger is my favorite character on the show. She narrates by the use of her diary. She mostly wrote in her diary at home and sometimes in places like for an example: In the episode “Stealing First” Ginger wrote in her diary on the way back home… Continue reading Favorite Characters Who Writes in a Diary, Journal, and Carried a Notebook