A Diary ….


A diary has so many stories to narrate. Bringing a story against a truthful meaning. When a person opens up a diary they can discover a story. A story that will originate from the beginning to the end. A story from a diary will never stop. When a person begins to write in a diary they begin to invest their own story inside. Holding back these stories a secret to only their truly eyes only.

A diary has every single word that can truly be written along a person’s personal matter. Putting that thoughtful soul against that true person. A diary can be replaced with everything all around. It’s more than simply a keepsake of life. A diary shall be engaged with a meaning. A meaning to lay your thoughts out onto every single page and keep it to yourself.

A blank page in a diary represents a new day and an introduction. It can be used each and every day. A diary can be the best story ever through a person’s life. Everyone owns a story by the use of a diary. A diary feels like a person, is publishing it to themselves. At the final pages of a diary a person puts the last touches. After that person finished filling up all the pages in a diary a person can open up a new diary and started with the first page just like when they do to their previous diaries. 


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